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Hello Hospitality Stars

Look…we know you’re going to be a celebrity chef, write a cook book, be on

telly, earn millions and date a super model.

Until then, hang with us and our awesome team of hospitality superstars!

We think we are a pretty cool team, we are head chefs, sous chefs, cooks, waiting staff and function

dudes all working across Melbourne for the Cloud Hospitality Group and we need some mates!

We reckon you’ll need –

 A little bit of experience

 Wait…make that lots of experience if you want to be one of our head chefs

 To be flexible with work hours and days

 A bit of fashion sense to make our uniform look good

We KNOW you’ll need –


 To enjoy hard work

 to be extra reliable

 To luuuurve food and working with other foodies

 To know a bit more about us, so here’s the serious stuff…

At Cloud Hospitality Group our motto is ‘traditional values, modern management’ and we take it

seriously, our word is our bond and we treat each other the way we would like to be

treated…simple! We also own and operate venues across metropolitan Melbourne and country

Victoria, from big pubs to little pubs, functions venues, cafes and rooftop gardens!

We are looking for a head chef, sous chef, kitchen staff and waiting staff across all our venues.

Check us out and apply to

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