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Insolvency / Distressed Management 
When the patient is critical...
Cloud Hospitality can provide a tailored solution to Insolvency Practitioners.​ If you take control of a business, we will secure the assets and document them, deal with staffing issues and rostering, ensure compliance with all relevant authorities including OHS and keep the doors open and the till ticking, We will assess the prospects of the business and report to you, ensure lines of supply remain open, initiate controls and reporting in your format or ours and deal with the issues that crop up daily at all hours of the day and night..
Total Venue Management

We manage hospitality businesses. That is what we do and we have been doing it for a long time. If you have a business and need to get it performing, Cloud Hospitality can take the management role and drive it to where it needs to be. We will assess, plan and implement strategies to increase sales, manage costs and lead the business forward, handle all the headaches and report timely information to you.

Catering & Event Management
Weddings, Parties, Anything
If you are running an event and need help, Cloud can make it fly. Openings and launches, festivals, concerts, any event at all. We can tick all the boxes whilst you concentrate on your core issues.
Everyone needs advice.

With our experience in hospitality management, we are best placed to give advice to steer our clients in the right direction. If you're new to the business, considering a purchase, or your business is not performing we will help you to achieve your best result. We work with you to find out your needs and expectations, pull it all apart to the nuts and bolts and put it all back together with you. If you need strategies, controls, organization, marketing, Cloud Hospitality will find the solution.

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